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Papeta por Luis Borrero y copia de Caravaggio


Atelier School Online was founded on the belief that education should be accessible to any student, at any level, in any location. Our drawing and painting curriculum focuses on fundamentals such as value, proportion, perspective, and color. Students work with individual projects that are designed to teach how to work directly from observation in progressive steps. Our curriculum is structured much like the atelier method of education offered during the golden age of painting in European countries. 

Subscription Service:

Our subscription service is a semester-long commitment designed as a recurring payment plan to help students afford the full tuition cost and learn how to draw and paint classically. Workshop tuition is by contract only and non-refundable or nontransferable. Cancel subscriptions are subject to a processing fee of $340.00 immediately after cancellation. The semester cost is $1,700.00 (USD).  The quantity can be variable depending on the student's arrangement.

Failed Subscription payments will be charged via Paypal or a Pay Link including a $25 processing fee. Recurring failed payments will result in the cancellation of the subscription plan and dismissal from our online classes. If the subscription is canceled, the student is responsible for paying the full remaining balance of the semester's tuition to reinstate their status in the class. 


We would like to remind all students that the school is not responsible for missed classes due to absences. We highly encourage all students to attend all classes regularly to maximize their learning experience. Please note that student absences cannot be credited, and missed classes may impact a student's academic progress.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the success of your academic journey. Please note that the school reserves the right to deny admission to any student who does not meet our academic or behavioral standards.

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