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Online Summer Intensive Workshop-July

Online Summer Intensive Workshop-July


Explore Your Artistic Side: Dive into Our Live Online Summer Intensive Workshop! 


Join us from July 6 to 27, every Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM (AST), for a transformative journey into the world of art. This workshop is your gateway to mastering the foundational techniques of drawing and painting under the expert guidance of our teacher, Luis Borrero. 


Throughout this intensive course, you will learn the essentials of drawing, delve into the subtleties of oil painting, and explore figurative drawing. Each session is designed to provide personalized support and feedback, empowering you to refine your skills and develop a compelling portfolio that will impress college admissions boards. Our comprehensive curriculum covers the Basics of Drawing, Fundamentals of Painting, Individual Projects, and Portfolio Preparation. The highlight of this course is your final project: creating your self-portrait, which will culminate the skills you've developed. Don't miss this chance to immerse yourself in art, enhance your abilities, and take your creative expression to new heights. Additionally, with recorded class lectures, you can revisit complex concepts at your leisure, ensuring a deeper understanding and retention of the artistic techniques taught. 


Elevate your artistic skills this summer—spaces are limited, so secure your spot today!


Additionally, recording class lectures provides invaluable benefits to students, allowing them to revisit complex concepts and materials at their own pace, thereby deepening their comprehension of the subject matter.

  • Summer Intensive

    What will you learn?

    • Work with the three distinct disciplines such as drawing, painting, and figure drawing.
    • Work with creativity and inspiration.
    • Support and Critique.
    • Build a small portfolio for college admissions.